Wanawake is a proud distributor of Sygma™ Portable Machines. In 2020,

Sygma™ was founded with a rebellious spirit to set a new standard in the industry with innovative and ground-breaking portable machines and bolting solutions.

Sygma aims to make the most versatile and reliable tools the industry has ever seen (without breaking the bank)We aim to evolve and enhance the way on site machining and bolting is performed for fair prices. 

Sygma has your back!  

Sygma™ aspires to help our customers to offer problem solutions and minimize downtime. We aim to evolve and enhance the way on site machining and bolting is performed with a focus on modularity enabling versatility and flexibility to disrupt the industry. 

As a Belgian company, we are proud of the hands-on mentality and expertise of our engineers aiming to make the impossible possible! 


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