Battery Driven Torque Multipliers

The new alkitronic EA is a Battery Driven Torque Multiplier that can be used without the need for an electric outlet. The device offers an impressive range of 90 to 6,000 Nm (65 – 4,425 lbf ft). It’s perfect if you are looking for versatility and efficiency in your work!

Alkitronic’s battery torque guns are a great tool for industrial bolting jobs. The company has been designing the power tools to have an ultimate solution where you can take them anywhere, anytime and still get results! With two 18V 5-2 Ah Lithium Ion batteries that provide up 360 joints at maximum load*, these multipliers will not let your work stop until all parts fit together perfectly*. The innovative, brushless, synchronous motor reliably attains the exact shut-off torque even at low battery levels.

No matter what type of job you’re doing, it’s hard without the right tools for your needs. The alkitronic battery driven torque multipliers are class leading wrenches regarding power to weight ratio (Nm/kg) and therefore optimal cordless tool handling! With two gears and a wide range of pre-set torques these handy little guys will get any job done in no time at all with their mobility efficiency features like never before. They also have fastening cycles that can go up against anything on wheels thanks to the excellent engineering design by people who know how important precision really is.

The torque multiplier is a compact design that can be handled easily in limited space. Additionally, their running costs are low and the low-wear, brushless, synchronous motor is maintenance free! The alkitronic EA more than just user-friendly, its ergonomic design actually helps your health! With very low noise emissions, making additional occupational safety measures unnecessary.