Plate Heat Exchanger Tools

Alkitronics Plate Heat Exchanger Tools and torque multipliers are specifically designed and developed for bolting connections. The electric or pneumatic torque multipliers save our customers’ time. Offering continuous rotation tightening or loosening of heavy bolt connections with spindles or long threads. They are ideal for bolting connections of plate heat exchangers.

The alkitronic plate heat exchanger tools are able to deliver accurate amounts of torque and prevent damage to plate heat exchangers during routine service, reducing the risk of expensive equipment downtime.

Benefits of Torque Multipliers for Plate Heat Exchangers by alkitronic

  • Considerable time saving due to permanent operation.
  • Large plate packs can be tightened fast, evenly, and simultaneously when using two or more torque multipliers.
  • Load-free operation with short assembly time.
  • Targeted types for convenient working in every tightening situation.
  • alkitronic RCL: fast gear for turning in and quick switching to power gear.
  • Remote operation allows one man assembly. One person can operate the tool from a remote pendant and measure the plates at the same time.