Ebara Pumps South Africa

We are a distributor for Ebara Pumps South Africa and have been supplying water pumps to the Southern African market since 1985. In 2017 we became a branch of Ebara Pumps Europe. Ebara is one of the largest pump companies in the world. Ebara was founded in Japan in 1912. We stock a wide range of popular Ebara pumps in South Africa.


105 Years history, 16.000 Employees.

Founded in Japan in 1912 by Mr. Issei Hatakeyama, with the desire to develop products according to the theory of centrifugal pumps of Dr. Ariya Inokuchi, EBARA Corporation is a multinational company with 79 subsidiaries and 11 affiliate companies.

The company counts more than 15.000 employees worldwide and its products are sold directly in 96 countries around the world EBARA Corporation is recognized as one of the world’s most important manufacturers of industria machinery, environmental engineering and water treatment systems, mechanical and chemical polishing systems, vacuum pumps, compressors and other similar products.

The EBARA Group takes the lead in the areas related to water, air and environment to respond to customer needs. It globally operates in three business segments: Fluid Machinery and Systems Environmental Engineering Precision Machinery.


We serve the following industries among others.

  • Fire Fighting: fire-fighting booster sets
  • Agriculture: irrigation; tunnels; cleaning/ rinsing of vegetables,
  • Water treatment: water pressure boosting, reverse osmosis, filtration,
  • Industry: cooling towers, thermal expansion vessels,
  • Domestic: water pressure boosting systems where water pressure is low,
  • Dewatering: light, medium and heavy-duty submersible water pumps,
  • Ponds: decorative and fish ponds, water feature pumps.

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