Workshop Equipment

Based on decades of expertise in providing the right tools and equipment to vehicle service professionals, we have developed a complete range of workshop equipment to fulfill our customers’ expectation and cover all your garage and tireshop equipment needs.

Workshop Presses

The CP press range includes 6 models for workshop operations on light and heavy vehicles. The two step stroke system provides high precision. The large gauge (in short and metric tons) eases the control of the pressure and the sturdy steel frame guarantee high durability.

Jack Stands

The CP jack stand range includes 5 models with self locking handle & extra large feet for improved security and stability in use.

Trolley Jacks / Floor Jacks

The CP trolley jack range is manufactured with heavy duty steel. Chassis are welded with reinforcing rims for daily workshop use on passenger vehicles and vans. With high and quick lifting capacity they provide you productivity and comfort of use.

Bottle Jacks

The CP bottle jack range is equipped with an hydraulic system and a mounted powerful manual pump. Used on light or heavy vehicles, they are compact and versatile. The safety valve against overloading and their large base provide high safety and great stability.

Balloon Jacks

Choose the CP882xx Series balloon jacks for your garage and auto body shop. A range of high quality, high lifting capacity balloon jacks by Chicago Pneumatic.

Air-Hydraulic Jacks

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new series of air hydraulic jacks, extending its workshop equipment range for professional vehicle maintenance customers. The CP85XXX range of high quality, high lifting capacity air hydraulic jacks are perfect for tire changing and general mechanic applications on heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks and agricultural vehicles.

Wheel Dollies

The CP wheel dollies are sturdy and handy assembly aid for trucks, buses and tractors.

Torque Wrenches

The CP89 series, a brand new range of torque wrenches for general mechanics and tire changing applications.

Work Lights

Ideal for vehicle service operations, the new CP worklight is designed to provide you high powerful lighting. It’s a lithium-ion rechargeable worklight supplied with a plug and a car plug.

Workshop Cranes

The CP workshop cranes are ideal for servicing passenger vehicles, SUV and pick-up trucks for both general mechanics and body shop applications.

Jump Starters

These powerful new Chicago Pneumatic ultracapacitor boosters are designed to safely jump start a flat battery within seconds, even in adverse conditions. The ultracapacitor technology is able to harness the power from a weak battery and boost it to start 12v light vehicles.

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